Father God,

I praise, worship, love, and adore you with all my heart, mind, body, and soul.

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I pray according to thy holy and true word in which jesus says, “Anything you ask of the father using my name that he will do.”

Bless us Father God in Jesus name bless us with your holy and divine peace, presence, love, joy, happiness, safety, protection, prosperity, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

Give us your divine inspiration in our day to day lives.

Lead us and guide us down the promised path of peace, prosperity, joy, good health, blessings, and all good things.

Keep us in your perfect love and safety free from all danger and all harm.

thank you Lord God for you are a God who hears our prayers and thank you that you are faithful and true to your holy word.

Your holy and true word says “anyone who asks of God in prayer believing he shall receive as he believes in prayer.

I believe I shall receive as I believe in the power of prayer, in the power of your holy and true word, and in the power of the name of your son Jesus Christ.

In Jesus Christ name I pray and in the mighty power of the holy spirit.


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Paybill Number: 762763 (Account No. SUPPORT).. For Bank details, ask via WhatsApp: +254 783 403 375
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