Dear Parents, please DO NOT say or do the following to your children.

  • 1. Do not fight IN front of them.
  • 2. Do not exchange filthy words in front of them.
  • 3. Do not talk ill of their teachers in front of them.
  • 4. To the SINGLE MOTHERS especially those who have more than 5 boyfriends, do not expose your daughters to your men, PLEASE.
  • 5. To MARRIED MEN who are unfortunate enough to have side chicks, (mpango wa kando), stop taking your children to the house of your mpango unless your wife is ok with it or she is dead or mad.
  • 6. Do not keep on narrating to your children how much you are paying for school fees.
  • 7. Do not give them food stuff as they come back unless the school has allowed. Remember our schools are not holiday camps they are centers of learning.
  • 8. Dear mothers, please stop giving your daughters family planning pills or jabs as they come to school, they only come to learn not for sexual gymnastics.
  • 9. Stop giving them bangles bearing your names or the names of their spiritual leaders for protection, instead teach them about divine protection. This is how our children are being recruited into cultism.
  • 10. For the Catholics, STOP giving your sons and daughters 12 rosaries to hang on their necks for protection, you are confusing them; one rosary is enough.
  • 11. Dear mothers, grow with your daughters bodies and be IN charge of their inner wears. Never allow anyone, including your husband to buy her inner wears, unless you are already dead and you are giving orders from the grave.
  • 12. Do not tell them how stupid or silly they are, please remember they carry your DNA, they could only be exhibiting your DNA coding.
  • 13. Do not push them to perform beyond their intellectual capacity, just encourage them. They could have just inherited your academic struggles.
  • 14. STOP comparing them with each other, every child is unique. Don’t keep on telling your sons, cant you be like your sister, he cannot be and he will NEVER. The same to your daughter.
  • 15. Dear Married Men, if you married your wife with a daughter from another relationship, PLEASE remember that is Your daughter not a SECOND WIFE. If you married her with a son, sacrifice for him as you would to your own blood.

I am Fr CK just in case.

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Elizabeth Ndungu

Great piece.

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