A man can become a godly husband by considering the following:

1. Does your schedule indicate that your family is a top priority in time, energy, and focus? Or are you the man who will treat his wife as a scrap of humanity?

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2. Are you heeding the counsel of 1 Peter 3:7 and really studying your wife? The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman can help couples understand how each receives love.

3. Are you taking the initiative to lead your wife spiritually by sharing the things God is teaching you? Remember, Christian wives desire godly leadership, not dictatorship.

4. Are you sensitive to her physical state and sexual needs? They will be different from yours, and a godly husband respects that without pouting or trying to “punish” her. Don’t use sex as a “tool of punishment”!

5. Are you accepting equal responsibility for the children? Even if your wife is better at some aspects of parenting, your children are your responsibility. Your wife needs a partner who willingly shares the load with her.

6. Examine your tone of voice. Have you fallen into a habit of harshness, blame, or subtle disapproval. Are you the man who will hurl all sorts of obscenities to your wife even in the presence of children?

7. Do you ever resort to physical or verbal abuse in any form? If you need anger management help, get it, actually, Fr CK can help you on that.

8. In areas where your wife is weak, are you helping her to grow rather than criticizing or shutting down.? Remember you did not marry a saint but you can participate in her sainthood.

9. Are you a good listener? Wives need to share their hearts, and you must be the safest place for her to do that.

10. Are you the guardian of her heart, dreams, and self-worth? You cannot be God to her, but you can encourage her to connect with God in such a way that her deepest emotional needs are met in Him.

Men often measure themselves by externals, which are outside their control. Money, fame, physical ability, and power are fleeting and temporary. However, a husband can choose to define success by how well he has followed God’s command to cherish his wife and lead his family. A happy wife is a testament to her husband. While he is not responsible for the way his wife responds, every husband can control how well he is following Jesus’ model in loving and leading the ones God has entrusted to him.

A wife’s Prayer for her husband

Heavenly Father, I thank you for my husband. I thank you for all that he does on a daily basis to keep our family stable. I pray that you would continue to grace him to do all that you have purposed for him to do, and that your will for his life would be made clear.

I pray that you would grant him wisdom and knowledge so that he can make Godly decisions in our home, and at his work place. I pray that he would find favor wherever he goes, and that he would be a blessing to everyone he meets. Help him to be a Godly husband to me, and a Godly father to our children.

Let him be a man of influence for you. Let others look upon him and see the hope of your glory. Enable him to see himself as you see him, he is more than a conquer, and he can do all things through your strength. Father, silence all other voices in his mind, and his social circle that would tear him down and give him confidence and boldness in you Lord.

Help him to come to know you more and more every day, and to seek your face and not the approval of man. Teach him to hear and follow your voice, in Jesus name,


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