The Soiled Handkerchief

A long, long time ago, someone in the company of the 19th century artist, was holding a very expensive handkerchief that had been a gift. His name was Pike. He did not only love this handkerchief but also valued it. One evening, he went for a bash and in the process of feasting and dancing, the handkerchief got soiled with ink.

When ink was spilled on the handkerchief, Pike lamented, “Oh, look! It is ruined. Nothing can be done with it. It’s absolutely ruined!” “Are you sure?” Pike’s friend asked. “Let me have it awhile.” A short time later the handkerchief came back by mail. Pike hardly recognized it. His friend had skillfully used the ink blot as a basis for a beautiful design. The handkerchief was now much more valuable than in its original condition. Pike was so happy to the extent that he forgot that there was ink dot on the handkerchief.

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LessonYour Situation is not permanent

Dear Friend, we often see things as ruinous, fatal blots upon life; but if the life is the life of one of God’s elect, the blot comes while the clay is in the Potter’s hand; and it will prove to be that which ultimately beautifies and improves the chosen, loved, redeemed vessel of mercy. Once we come to God, He basically has to make us over again through the renewing of our mind. Don’ t pay attention to the ink dot on your ”handkerchief” , but think of the beautiful design that can be made from the dot.

Today your life, your job or even your marriage may be a mess, but God is certainly not done with you. We worship the God of all possibilities, the God who brings life to the dry bones, gives sight to the blind, cleanses lepers, gives hearing to the deaf and jumping abilities to the limping. He fixed Joseph, Job, Sarah, Elizabeth and many others. YOUR SITUATION TOO CAN BE FIXED!!!

Good people, no matter who you are and no matter how badly your situation is, the mere fact that you are still alive and still breathing today is evidence that God is not through making you!

You may be Damaged, but You’re Still Destined!

Thank God that you are Still on the Wheel!

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Esther Wamungu

Absolutely Padre.We are God’s work in progress.

Rosemary Ben

Amina 🙏🙏
My situation is not permanent

Alice Chege

So inspiring,l thank God for gift of fr CK

Patricia Musau

Thank you for the word of encouragement

Josephine Mane



Encourage by your post am a better woman ….be blessed


Am quite encouraged

Jacinta Weveti Ndwiga

Good story, lesson learnt positively.



Alice Kalekye

Encouraging story

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