I enter this sanctuary of fasting. I fall at the foot of the cross. I lean on the truths of the bible. I burrow in deep to your love. I wait in the stillness for vision. I feel the love of your heart beat.

I rest here and lay out my life Lord. I give you this moment to speak. I listen intently to sounds all around me. I breathe and give thanks for my life.

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I hear in the distance the sounds of the birds. I choose to let their song seep deep down inside. I see the great beauty of sunlight. I watch as it dances and fades.

I trust in the light that you bring to my soul. I bask in your goodness, I soak in your ways. I remember the journey we’ve travelled. I feel Jesus close at my side. I hold out my hand, and just let you lead.

I’m so blessed to be here, with you as my guide. I’m waiting, I’m hoping, I’m watching. I’m listening, for your gentle hand on my life. I’m here with my heart open wide.


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Am so blessed… be blessed too

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