The Book of Psalms teach us that sometimes, when we cannot name the trouble we are in because it is so bad and so deep, we simply cry out to God.

In our crying out to God, we express faith. In our crying out to God, we find hope, because we believe we will not stay in this deep pit, in this valley of dry bones, or in this place of death.

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My friends, our task as a people of faith is to keep praying, to keep shouting out to God from the depths. As you continue to walk the way of Love in this wilderness, bring before God all your honest prayers.

Shout them out on behalf of the world that feels like it is in a valley of death and dry bones. Believe that Jesus can handle all you throw him in prayer.

Instead of resigning to death, believe in the hope—that the God who raised Lazarus and resurrected Jesus will indeed breathe new life on our world. God will deliver us believe that God will breathe on our world new life.

May the power that raised Jesus, raise whatever that is dead in your life.

In Jesus name, AMEN

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Stella Cecilia

I pray for deliverance of my husband Clement cheruiyot from all satanic alters he has engaged himself into,spirit of prostitution,deliverance of my kids Marcos and abigael from satanic alters ,
Lord i pray that you scatter all weapons formed against our marriage,spirit of divorce, spirit of not loving each other, and also to scatter everything that the devil is trying to ruin and break our marriage

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