Spirit of the Living God, you are God’s perfect
gift to all people, we bless you, and honor you.

You who provide us with life and well-being, we
worship you. Bless us, that the church may be
one. Spirit divine, pour forth your life in us that
we may have God’s peace to be peacemakers in
this world. Spirit of grace, open our closed
hearts to your compassion that we may be
inspired to love beyond our borders. Fire of God
burn within us the chaff of sin, and silence in us
our gossiping tongues for your use in worship.

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Lord, purify us from our grasping greediness
that we may have a humble heart. Spirit of God,
teach us to work for true reconciliation, that we
may have your peace. Teach us to pray without
ceasing and to live for Christ.

We thank you Father of grace for the gift of
your Spirit in the name of Christ Jesus.


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