My dear congregation;

May the LORD be your shepherd, today, every day, every night and every moment of every day. The LORD is the great Pastor of the universe, our Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel. May He shepherd and pastor you in every way.

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As sheep is preserved on a farm by the shepherd, may the LORD preserve you and your family, may you find safety in Him and may He watch over you all the days of your life. May you taste the goodness of the living God in all that you lay your hands to do.

May the goodness and mercy of the LORD follow you all the days of your life. May the LORD make every situation in your life pleasant and victorious. May all your sorrows turn into joy and may He turn your mourning into dancing again.

May your joy be full to overflowing and may your victory be permanent in every aspect of your life. This is my prayer for you, your family and loved ones.

In Jesus name.


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