Since domestic violence can have devastating consequences, it is no surprise why victims may want to leave.

  • Victims may leave the relationship in order to overcome the psychological trauma of being in a domestic violence situation.
  • They may desire to find happiness in life again, and not continue in a relationship where they have low-self-esteem or are cut off from friends.
  • In some cases, a victim may leave simply for safety. Perhaps the abuser has threatened her life, or the abuse has gotten so severe that the victim is suffering from physical injuries.
  • A victim may also leave to ensure the safety of their children and to prevent them from being exposed to further violence.
  • A victim may leave to give each of them time to reflect on their relationship.

Ultimately, a victim will leave when the pain of staying is stronger than the pain of ending the abusive relationship.

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A separation is always advisable especially in cases where life is threatened. Dying in an abusive relationship in the name of protecting your image, your marriage, your children and not exposing your spouse is not wise.


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Some of our parents doesn’t support separation or divorce thus making their children stay in abusive marriage.
The church also discriminate against a divorced woman more than a divorced man. Instead of embracing them and showing love we castigate them.
The society also doesn’t support divorcees especially women. They become an example of failed marriage in the society. The unmarried girls are advised not to mingle with a divorced woman because she’s a bad influence to them.

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