Father, in Jesus’ name, I lift up my children to You right now. I choose to release them to You. Father, please take them out of my hands. They are Yours.

Father, I ask in Jesus’ name that You Yourself would take my children under Your wing. Disciple them, Lord. Teach them. Give them wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You. Fill them with the intimate knowledge of Your glory. Fill them with Your Holy Spirit and Your anointing.

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Father, in Jesus’ name, give my children inspiration to seek You first and seek Your Kingdom. Fill them with Your motivation and courage and hope. Cause them to be sensitive to You and Your Presence.

Give them wisdom, Lord–wisdom from above, which is pure and peaceable and undefiled and willing to yield and full of mercy and good fruit. Give them wisdom by experience. Help them to learn from their experiences and from the experience of others. In Jesus name,


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