1. The Disciples’ Fast (Matthew 17:21) – For deliverance from sin, addiction, bondage. If we fast, we can break the power of sins and addictions that limit our freedom in Christ.

2. The Ezra Fast (Ezra 8:21-23) – For God’s help in solving problems and for protection from Satan. Ezra said that they prayed and fasted and God answered their request.

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3. The Samuel Fast (1 Samuel 7:6) – For revival. The people were bound by idol worship and needed deliverance. Samuel called them to seek God and to bring the Ark back to Jerusalem. If we fast and pray for revival, God will pour Himself out on His people.

4. The Elijah Fast (1 Kings 19:4-8) – Mental freedom from emotional problems or habits. Through fasting, God will show us how to overcome emotional problems and destructive habits.

5. The Widow’s Fast (1 Kings 17:9-16) – Fasting to provide for the needy. The widow went without food to meet the physical needs of someone else. Because she sacrificed her food, God made sure that she had more than enough food.

6. Paul Fast (Acts 9:9) – For physical healing and to get direction from God. If we fast and submit our will to God, He will reveal His will to us.

7. The John the Baptist Fast (Luke 1:15) – To enhance our walk with God and witness. If we fast for the influence of our testimonies to reach others for Christ, God will use us.

8. The Esther Fast (Esther 4:16, 5:2) – For protection from the evil one. If we fast for protection, God will deliver us from evil.

9. The Jesus Fast (Matthew 4:1-2) – For spiritual power and victory over temptation, the flesh and the devil.

10. The Daniel Fast (Daniel 1: 5-21; 10:3) – Fasting for health and to seek God’s favor, purpose and vision for life.


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