Our Lord Jesus Christ, You are the true, Holy, and Just judge. You are the giver of life and Most High God.

You’ve got the whole world and all the power in it in your mighty hands. You are the giver of life and rule over all creatures and features in heaven, earth, and the sea.

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All good things come from You and it is only in You that all good things are found. You are full of mercy and love and all nations come to You for cure, healing, freedom of pain and worry.

Embrace us as a close-knit family, bind us with your soft and tender hands and draw us near to you, O Lord, for You are the true vine and we are the branches. We entirely depend on You for our life supplies.

You are our physician, our medicine, our cure, our strength, our consolation, our rest, and our life. You care, protect, heal, and love us. Thank You, dear Lord. Heal us, If it is Your will, O Lord, heal us.


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