Loving Father, I am very grateful for You have loved me from when I was born until now, in times of joy and sorrows, in times of wholeness, and also in times of brokenness.

Dear Lord, thank You for not being too hard on me when I knowingly or unknowingly do little blunders and mistakes. You do not belittle me in times of my weakness, but You are always there with me to give me love and strength.

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Lord God, give my heart a good rest so that it can become strong again. Do not abandon me You who are Most High. Do a miracle and heal my soul. May I be a living testimony of Your soul healing. Make me whole again so that I can get the favour of coming to Your Kingdom.

Mighty God, help me to live a new life that is of total service to You, and may all that You have done to me be visible to others so that Your Holy name be glorified forever.

I pray all these in Jesus’ name.


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