To those of you who are having trouble sleeping these days. I hope this prayer may bring some comfort to your nights.

Holy One,

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Maker of the stars,

In the beginning

There was only darkness,

And your wind swept across

The face of the deep.

Tonight I see this darkness.

I hear its silence.

I feel its emptiness.

It surrounds me.

In my home all is still

Except my mind.

Sweep across me, Holy One,

Whole and entire,

Across every undone thing in me,

Every unresolved thought,

Every restless rustling of my soul,

Every ache and pain of my tired body.

Speak with your creative breath,

Into my night,

Speak the light of your presence,

Into every crack and crevice,

So I may have peace and sleep,

And wake to the gentle hope of morning.


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