Father, when we find ourselves at the end of our rope only to discover that there is no knot on the end, help us to cling to Your promises; when we discover that all hope is gone, help us to take one last look at You, committing ourselves entirely into Your hands.

Lord, may the struggle within our souls cease; may we no longer try to manipulate events that are out of our control. If You do not help us, we will not be helped; if You do not deliver us, we will not be delivered.

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I pray this for myself but also for my congregation. May they be wholly yielded to Your will and purpose. We are like a piece of driftwood on a river whose speed and direction we cannot control. Yet, we know that You have this river in your hands.

Help us to trust that You will do right by us; give us the assurance that when You are our only hope, that is sufficient.

Only Your will and glory matters.

In Jesus’ name,


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