Father, I thank You for teaching me about Your grace and my requirement to live by faith. The more I study Your grace, the more I realize why You want to bless me and use me. You made plans for me before the world began and You made those plans by grace. Those plans contain my life’s purpose and part of my purpose is to become a conduit through which You are able to impact and influence the world – both the people of the world and the systems of the world. By grace You open doors for me that no man can close. And by faith I walk through those doors to make a difference. So Father, my confession is: I win in life, because I operate in the grace of God on me to influence this world.
My faith accesses Your grace to outperform, outsmart and outlast my peers. I shine in this world, because I decrease to the point where Your light and love shines through me. So Father, I give myself over to You, to be used of You for Your glory. I decrease that You may increase in me. I minimize ME, so You can maximize YOU in, with, and through me. And as I do, as I allow You to flow through me, I will experience supernatural success and leave a mark in this world that will never be erased. Not because I am so good, but only because of Your grace. I declare this by faith! In Jesus’ name.


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