O Lord my Helper and Protector, I come before you this afternoon with thanks. Thank you for protecting me each day despite my iniquities.

Your word says, “God does not listen to sinners. He listens to the godly person who does his will..”

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Therefore, I beg for your forgiveness of my sins

I Pray for your guidance in all I do. I come before you today to thank you for yesterday.

Despite my iniquities, you have protected me, my friends and household from the devil. Thank you for this Tuesday morning.

Lord, by Your grace yesterday was fine, and I know today will be better. I commit my day into your able hands trusting that you will never disappoint me.

Heavenly Father, take absolute control of today

Make this Tuesday the best day of my life. Fill my paths with happiness and joy.

Remove all troubles and unhappiness from my face and replaced them with laughter. Protect me from the wicked, and supernatural come to my aid.

Thank you, Jesus, for answered prayers,


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