Peace brings joy

We always look for happiness around us. We try to find it in people, things, positions, or even places. But this is not the kind of joy that transcends within us. To have peace means to have eternal happiness. It is experiencing joy amid crisis; it is not something temporary. Peace is like always having something to look forward to while being fully content with where you are at the moment.

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Peace comes from God

Philippians 4:6 states that our hearts and minds in Christ will be guarded by the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. Also, Jesus Christ wasn’t labeled as the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6) for nothing. When we learn to trust Him with all our hearts, we begin to see things from His perspective. We come to understand that He is in control over everything.

Peace is a fruit of the Spirit

Peace is not something we’re already born with nor something we create on our own. So when Galatians 5:22-23 tells us that peace is one of the fruits of the Spirit, it means that when we have the Holy Spirit in and among us, we can rest in the fact that God is always in and with us. But to bear this kind of fruit, we must first learn the art of surrender.

Peace is given to us in uncertainties

One of the lessons of difficulties in life is humility. In trials and obstacles, we learn to humble ourselves and choose to see things from God’s perspective. It is in these moments that we experience the peace that comes from God. We sit in comfort in His character and promises alone.

Peace must be sought

When we experience adversities, we get overwhelmed by our situation. We forget that the ultimate source of peace is within our reach. We only need to choose to seek and pursue it constantly. When we learn the importance of this, we’ll be able to live a life far from any doubts and fears.

Peace must be made

God called us His children, so we are challenged to be peacemakers (Matthew 5:9). It is our responsibility to be at peace with others even if we don’t feel like being on good terms with people who have hurt us in some ways. Also, one mark of a true believer is having a forgiving heart.


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