Good People, I don’t know which political party that you belong to but what I know is that we are all KENYANS.

As a result;

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  1. Do not fight your fellow Kenyan because of politics or politicians.
  2. Remember that our politicians love each and they do not fight. In fact, some of them are business partners.
  3. Do not personalise politics to the extent that a loss means suicide. There is life after August 10th.
  4. Do not abandon your job running after politicians, they are seeking for jobs and please note, THEY DO NOT HAVE YOU IN MIND.
  5. Do not sacrifice your family at the altar of campains. Your family comes first! ALWAYS!
  6. FINALLY, take care of your health in all aspects. Fatal injuries and death should not visit you because of campaigns or should I say DO NOT INVITE THEM??

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