Oh Lord, our Father,
In a world turn apart by fear and suspicion,
Teach us your children that Love is the only means to conquer fear:
The Love we encounter as we search you out,
The Love we encounter as we accept your embrace.

Oh Lord, the Son, In a world full of anger and frustration, Teach us, your servants, your friends, your sisters and your brothers, To overturn the tables and tear down the fences Which turn away the hungry and homeless: To feed and house the disciple that knocks on our door In the guise of the stranger, And to find the Love we seek in loving others.

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Oh Lord, the Holy Spirit, Mother of Wisdom,
Teach us, your children, to be caring of one another, To protect one another, As you gather the nations under the feathers of your wings.
Help us to know peace that steals gently in through quiet acts of kindness.

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