I Decree and declare that no weapon formed against the nations shall prosper and that those nations that have been infiltrated by evil governments shall come to the light and receive truth that will set the free.

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I Decree and declare the Leaders in the Body of Christ whose hearts are not sincere and offerings are polluted will repent and turn to God.

I Decree and declare those who refuse to repent will find that their blessings are turned into curses.

I Decree and declare the true WORD OF GOD is in the mouth of His Servants and no dishonor, dishonesty or deception is found in them.

I Declare they will walk with God and release His Peace and turn many away from sin.

I Decree that all divination and witchcraft is bound and rendered helpless from this moment on and that the divine revelation of God, and the fear of The LORD will be released to destroy the works of darkness.

I Decree to those who are struggling with indecision that your answer is right in front of you but you have been blinded by a spirit of fear.

I Decree that the Love of God is opening your eyes to see He is the Way, and the power of God is setting you free from fear and unbelief.

I Decree that those in places of authority who are being ruled and driven by the love of money will come to the knowledge of the truth and come to repentance.

I Decree that turnaround time is here for corruption to be destroyed and manipulation to be brought to the light. In Jesus name,


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