Father, My soul aches, and my spirit is weak. Heartache has consumed me, And I’m fearful of the future. Those who know your Word much better than I, Have rebuked me, chastening me With contempt, ridicule, and shame.

In my heart, I have cowed before them, Never questioning their motives or intent. Slinking away in defeat and despair, I have vowed to never return—to remain aloof From them, from You, and from their religiosity. I have wandered from You, To a place where there is No joy, no kindness, and no future.

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Time has not been my friend. My mistakes have brought me low. My accusers know your Word, But they don’t know your forgiving Spirit. Father, I need Your help to return home, To come back to where I belong, To nurture a real and substantive relationship with You.

Strengthen me with power in the inner man. Allow me to stand strong; Allow me to be bold and confident; Allow me to be the person you created me to be. Don’t allow my accusers to continue having dominion Over me, lest my future be as bleak as my past, In Jesus name I Pray.


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