1. Research carefully your suspicion of your spouse’s pornography use. When did he start? What motivated him? Hoe deep is he into the vice? What is the frequency?
  2. Take a moment to process things. If you haven’t already had an all-out argument, take a day or a week to think, calm yourself, and prepare for how you will talk to your partner about this.
  3. Remember: this is not your fault. Your partner’s pornography use likely is not because he or she finds you unattractive, and it is also probably not because you have been having sex less frequently.
  4. Recognize and communicate your pain. Do not try to hide or mask it. DO NOT BE ASHAMED.
  5. Ask questions about the pornography use. Attempt to have a mature and calm conversation about your partner’s use.
  6. Spiritually prepare yourself to approach your husband about his pornography use.
  7. Tell your partner what pornography use means to you. Talk about feelings of betrayal, jealousy, or shame and anger.
  8. Come up with a plan. Some times men are cluless when it comes to solving a problem of sexual nature. Research shows that sexually, men are the WEAK BEINGS.
  9. You Must Grieve Your Husband’s Porn Use. PORNOGRAPHY KILLS MARITAL INTIMACY.
  10. You Must Get Help and Accountability for Your Husband’s Porn Recovery.
  11. You Must Set Boundaries around the Porn Use.
  12. Do not judge or condemn him, just help him with a lot of love and compassion. Boys becomes men when they want. They boy in him could have REFUSED TO GROW UP.

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