The fact that God says He’ll give you silver and gold in Isaiah 60:17 is important. God’s Word states that He desires to bring us silver and gold. Don’t miss this key, and don’t over-spiritualize it. I believe God DOES want to bring you silver and gold–but you need faith and revelation to receive it!

Silver and gold were THE currency of Biblical times, and God frequently blessed His people with these things. When He created the earth, He created these metals on purpose. He even went out of His way to point out in Genesis 2:12–right at the beginning of the Bible–that gold is good!

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Our God gives good and perfect gifts, and He Himself calls gold GOOD.

So yes, when you read His promises about silver and gold, I believe you should take them literally. I also believe that these promises can be claimed for money in general, but I also believe that He wants you to have REAL silver and gold!

May your breakthrough be sooner than you expected. In Jesus name,


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