Starting on August 12th to September 6th.

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Read bible verse{s} of your choice


 Let all security-men in charge of satanic banks that are harboring my blessings be paralyzed.

 Likewise, I terminate the appointment of all satanic bankers and managers.

 All satanic instruments used against me be completely destroyed.

 And all satanic transactions and contracts against my life, in the name of Jesus.

 I destroy all satanic networks and data-processing facilities operating against me.

 And neutralize every effect of strange money on my business.

 I render null and void every trouble emanating from envious business partners.

 And bind every spirit of error, fake and useless investment, in Jesus’ name.

 I bind every evil force fighting against the success of my job or business.

 And send back to the sender every arrow of spiritual deposit and advance payment against my job or business, in the name of Jesus.

Concerning todays theme, if you have a question or a prayer intention{s} to share with me, please use my number 0721 421 139/0783 403 375 or my email, kinyuafr@gmail.com/theonlinecongregation@gmail.com.

May the Lord bless and expand you your business beyond boundaries.


We have spent these 25 days in prayer for your business. Effective prayer speaks knowing who God is, and how God works in a particular situation. Effective prayer doesn’t see itself as a passive spectator in what God does, but effective prayer acts as if it must actually remind God in prayer. After this period of time, precisely after the closure mass, you will be expected to show hospitality by giving an offering for your business. When we are generous to God, He becomes more generous to us. In Genesis 18 we learn that Abraham gave the best to receive the best from God.

In his offering, Abraham understood the expense of hospitality–Abraham’s friendship with God wasn’t cheap. He modestly says that he will bring his guests a piece of bread (18:5) and then has Sarah bake enough bread for a small army (about 8 gallons of flour)! He kills a choice calf and adds curds and milk. He spared no expense to entertain his heavenly visitors. Hospitality is expensive. He gave the BEST to receive the BEST.

Have you ever thought of raising your offering to the level of Abrahams offering? To receive the best in and for our business, we must learn to give the best. Maybe you need to put more effort in what you give to God. Every time I read about Abraham, I get struck by the effort Abraham put into his hospitality. He didn’t walk–he ran to get everything going to make preparation for his guests, and then he stood by as they ate, attentive to their needs. His effort showed his guests how much he desired their fellowship.

Dear friend, Friendship with God requires being hospitable toward God, friendship with the Lord will cost you. Of course, it cost the Lord everything. But there’s also a price you must pay. Its costs time. It also costs money, because as you get into God’s Word, the Lord will put His finger on your finances and say, “I want you to honor Me by being more careful about how you spend the money I entrust to you so that you can be more generous in giving to My work.” He will want you to be generous in showing hospitality to others. You also may need to invest some money in good books that will enable you to grow in your friendship with God.


I declare that you I will be prosperous and successful in my work; whatever I do, I shall prosper.

I speak peace over my life, and I declare that the favor of God will bring many opportunities and new doors of blessings into my life.

Lord, may I be filled with Your joy today and every day! In Jesus’ Name, I pray, AMEN.

To make your offering feel free to use either this number 0721 421 139 Or
Pay bill No. 762 763 (Ac. No: Name of Business)

Or below bank details:



Name: Stanbic Bank
Account No: KES: 0100006559101
USD: 0100006559117
Branch Name: International Life House
Bank Code: 31000
Branch Code: 31008
Swift Code: SBICKENX

All for the greater glory of God.

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