You looked kindly, O Lord, on your land:

  you ended the captivity of Jacob.

You forgave your people’s unrighteousness

  and covered over their sins.

You reined back all of your anger

  and renounced your indignant fury.

Rescue us, God, our saviour,

  and turn your anger away from us.

Do not be angry for ever

 – or will you let your wrath last from one generation to the next?

Surely you will turn round and give us life

 – so that your people can rejoice in you?

Show us, Lord, your kindness

  and give us your salvation.

I will listen to whatever the Lord God tells me,

  for he will speak peace to his people and his chosen ones,

  and to those who repent in their hearts.

Truly his salvation is close to those who fear him,

  so that glory may dwell in our land.

Kindness and faithfulness have met together,

  justice and peace have kissed.

Faithfulness has sprung from the earth,

  and justice has looked down from heaven.

Truly the Lord will give generously,

  and our land will be fruitful.

Justice will walk before him

  and place its footsteps on his path.

Glory be to the Father and to the Son

  and to the Holy Spirit,

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as it was in the beginning,

  is now, and ever shall be,

  world without end.


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