Dear Father, I retreat back home from serving You with a very sleepy head and a foggy mind. Please Lord, as I retire for the night, help my mind to clear throughout the night and my body to rest

My Lord and my God, I hope I have served You to the best of my ability but where I have erred, please forgive me. Tonight, dear Lord, give me the inspiration so that I can correct the mistakes I have made today and also to improve on whatever or wherever I have fallen short of Your expectations.

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Almighty Father, tonight, fill my heart with compassion, mercy, humility, and love so that when I wake up tomorrow, I treat and serve people the way they deserve. Let Your presence in me beam out to others and may they recognize Your presence in me. Send forth Your guardian Angel to protect me throughout this night.

Lord, I am thankful because every sleeping time is always full of a promising tomorrow because of Your abounding love and mercy. Amen.

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