You probably have heard of the statement: every relationship has its own challenges. And that is true. From time to time, people in healthy relationships can disagree on issues, but they generally make decisions together, discuss arising problems freely and are empathetic about each others’ feelings. For any relationship, love, respect, trust, patience and empathy are crucial virtues. And sometimes, it is easy to be carried away and not detect relationship toxicity.

This does not only apply in romantic relationships. Toxicity can build up even in platonic and work relations. So, how do you look out for signs of toxicity? Generally, you might consistently feel drained or unhappy after spending time with your partner, friend or acquaintance, or you can’t seem to stop arguing over small issues and even dread spending time with them. If this happens, then it shows a dire need for change. Not necessarily to break the relationship, but to revisit a few ground rules for a healthy relationship.

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That having been said, general signs of a toxic relationship include but not limited to lack of mutual support, poor communication, jealousy or envy that leads to constant mistrust and suspicion, controlling behaviors (like constant calls regarding whereabouts!), resentment and holding on to grudges, constant dishonesty, patterns of disrespect, negative financial behaviors, constant tension about arising problems, constant stress and ignoring own personal needs.

Is a toxic relationship possible to fix?

The good news is, a toxic relationship is repairable. If both parties notice the toxic patterns in themselves or in the relationship itself, and know the relationship is struggling and want to improve it, they are on the right track. Once they accept mutual responsibility, become willing to invest in repairing the relationship, shift from blaming to understanding each other and be open to seeking professional help with a relationship/ marriage counsellor, a toxic relationship can gradually become a happy healthy.

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