Thank You, Lord Jesus, for giving me one more day to love you! Always watch over me today and always so that I may not wad away from the path that You have prepared for me.

My Lord Jesus Christ, shine Your divine light through me so that I may reflect the same light to everyone who comes in contact with me today. Send forth Your Holy Spirit to remind me of who I am and the purpose for which I was created.
May the salvation I gained from Your Passion and Cross, O Jesus Christ, remain forever in my heart.

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I adore you, O my God, and I love you with all my heart. Father I give thanks to you for having created me, made me a Christian and preserved me this night. I offer to you the actions of this day; granted that all of them may be according to your holy Will, and for your greater glory. Save me from sins and from all evil. Let your grace always be with me. Amen.

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