Good People, I BLESS YOU;
May God’s Spirit surround you,
and those whom you love.
May the beauty of God
be reflected in your eyes,
the love of God
be reflected in your hands,
the wisdom of God
be reflected in your words,
and the knowledge of God
flow from your heart,
that all might see,
and seeing, believe.
May the majesty of the Father
be the light by which you walk,
the compassion of the Son
be the love by which you walk,
the presence of the Spirit
be the power by which you walk.
May your day be blessed
by moments of quietness,
light in your darkness,
strength in your weakness,
grace in your meekness,
joy in your gladness,
peace in your stillness.
May your day be blessed.
May the love of the Father,
the tenderness of the Son,
and the presence of the Holy Spirit,
gladden your heart
and bring peace to your soul,
this day and all the days of your life,
Say Amen!!.

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