Holy Lord,
You are mighty. You have overcome everything in the world. You are omnipotent, and You can help me become better, stronger, braver, and kinder.
I am waiting for blessings. I hope for changes in my life that will help me make my dreams a reality. I trust that You can see everything that has happened and everything that will come. I have seen Your hand directing the universe.
Please help me trust Your timing as I wait for the blessings I desire. Fill me with patience so that I can wait with hope.
When I fear and worry that the blessings will not come, please remind me that You care for me. Remove my fear and replace it with love and trust. Remind me that I am loved by God, and therefore, all things will work out.
Help me remember that You can make everything work out for good, just as You did for so many people in the Bible.
I pray for increased trust and patience in Your name, Amen.

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