Dear Heavenly Father, You are my God and my Protector, and I pray that You would help me and save me and rescue me from those that are seeking to do me harm. Lord, I am being falsely accused and I feel as though those that are seeking to discredit me are hounding me like a pack of hungry wolves.
Oh Lord, I have sought to do only those things that are righteous in Your sight. If I had wronged anyone or harmed anyone without a cause then their relentless pursuit might be justified, but Father I have sought to live my life as unto You and yet they seek to damage me and destroy my character.
Lord, I hand this situation into Your almighty hands and pray that you would vindicate me. Stand up for me Lord, and remove these people that have such unfounded aggression against me far from me. Draw us all closer to You, whom to know is life and health and peace and hope. In Jesus’ name I pray,

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