Dear God,
Thank You for this beautiful morning. I am grateful when I wake up every day and get to start fresh. This morning is a beautiful opportunity to find more love and patience in my life.
God, please help me find patience today. I know that this day will bring difficulties, but it also has the chance to bring me hope. Please help me wait patiently for better things to come. Help me hold onto the hope as I endure my trials.
God, help me feel patience for the people around me. Fill me with love and empathy for their situations. Temper my anger and frustration. Fill me with peace and long-suffering. Let the people around me know that I love them, no matter what we may go through together.
When I face disappointment, despair, and frustration, please fill me with Your love. Help me remember that You know me and care about me individually.
I am so grateful that patience is a spiritual gift that You can bestow upon me.
Blessed God, I pray in Your name, Amen.

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