YES!! The Church can be Abusive.

How to Tell if You’re in an Abusive Church

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Some of us can spot an abusive church or leader from miles away. For others, our eyes are so covered with the “scales of loyalty” to abusive ministries – we can’t see the truth, let alone see our way to freedom.

Are you experiencing any of these signs?

  1. You can’t listen to anyone else preach.
  2. Only they have the ability to hear from God.
  3. They preach about you or other churches from the pulpit.
  4. They use the prophetic to manipulate you.
  5. They tell you who you can or can’t marry.
  6. What they say is Law; you cannot have a thought or opinion, you are not supposed to think as long as you are their member.
  7. You’re not allowed to attend any conferences outside of the house.
  8. They drill HONOR and COVERING into your head (MAJOR RED FLAG).
  9. When people leave, they speak bad about them and/or excommunicate them, some will even threaten you with a curse!!.
  10. They make you attend every church function and make you feel guilty if you don’t. Pastors birthdays are treated like the second coming of our Lord and Savior with gifts decided by the pastor himself/herself.
  11. There is a lot of gossip and slander in the church; people run to the pastor like they are kids, and the pastor is the parent (baba/mama concept).
  12. The church doesn’t fellowship with other congregations because they are sinners.
  13. They feel they are the only ones who have divine revelation, the keep the KEY where the holy spirit is stored.
  14. They focus heavily on titles and not on Jesus.
  15. Their members will fight you over them, or any correction you may have concerning the treatment of the parishioners.
  16. They have a whole lot of extra-biblical revelation not backed by the Word of God or sound elders.

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Hope someone is enlightened

I am Fr CK just in case.

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