This is a very unique novena because it is anchored on 21 biblical men whom we would
pray that our sons learn something from them. Most of us have a repertoire of familiar
Bible stories and characters. We often admire those people but assume we could never
be like them because they’re held up as paragons of the faith. In reality, each person
in the Bible was fallible but had respectable traits you can strive to emulate and teach
to your children. Guidelines are as follows:

  • Choose a time of the day when you will be praying this novena.
  • Make sure that the time you choose, you will consistently keep for 21 days, if
    for example you choose to be praying at 4.00 am, make sure for 21 days you are up by 4.00 am for the prayer. Remember, novena is a prayer of discipline.
  • Read something about the Bible Man of the Day and pick what you would like to add from what the text provides.
  • Pray the two provided prayers every day. If a certain day has no prayer provided,
    you can pray one from the heart.
  • If your family has a written prayer known by every member, you can customize it to speak to the needs of your son{s}.
  • Identify an area where your son is struggling the most and make it a daily prayer intention
  • Every day is a fasting day; choose one meal that you can fast every day for 21 days if your health and age allow.
  • If you miss one day for whatever reason, please make sure that the following day you pray even for the extra day you skipped.
  • If you skip three days consecutively, please start all over again.
  • Before you start your prayer every day, make sure you have turned off all your
  • distractions, e.g., TVs, Radios, Phones and other gadgets.
  • Choose a time that you are likely not to get people who can distract you. If you
  • are nursing a small child, time when he/she is asleep.
  • If you are not able to keep a specific hour of prayer, at least make sure the day does not pass before you have prayed.
  • End your prayer session with the prayer of declaration about your son{s}

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