Theme: Fighting for Your Son(s) through Prayer

Starting October 21st to November 11th with Closure Mass.

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Invoking The names of 21 Bible Men Who Did Great things for God in their time, leaving lessons for our Sons

Man of the Day: Daniel

Prayer Focus: God’s Protection Over your Son.

Though he grew up a slave in Babylon, Daniel was eventually promoted to a position of authority under the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar. It was through the influence of Daniel that the kingdom was able to see some godliness brought to that godless time.

Later, King Darius befriended Daniel. However, there were men who were jealous of Daniel’s influence and position. They convinced the king to make a law that the people could only worship the king and no other person or god. Daniel continued to pray as he always had to the God of Israel. The punishment for disobedience of the law not to worship was to be thrown into a pit of lions. These wicked men had Daniel arrested.

Daniel accepted the punishment that was given to him without complaint. King Darius fought the law on Daniel’s behalf, but was powerless to change the consequences. While Daniel slept peacefully in the den of lions, Darius was up all night worrying about God’s man. The next morning the king was relieved to have Daniel brought out of the pit and the men who plotted against Daniel were then fed to the lions. The Bible says that their bodies never even reached the ground before the lions had devoured them (Daniel 6).


God my Strength, I pray that You would protect my son from engaging in any activities that would harm his body. Protect him from smoking or vaping or using recreational drugs. Keep him from abusing alcohol, from driving too fast, or texting while driving. Protect him from overeating and from eating a lot of junk food and sweets. Please protect him from developing a sedentary lifestyle, or becoming addicted to video games. May he develop the habit of following hard after You. Amen.


My Lord, Ancient of Days, I pray that You will protect my son from turning away from You. So many of his peers are saying in their hearts that there is no God. So many have turned away from You and from Your teachings and commands in Your Word. Lord God, please keep my son in the faith. May he remain steadfast in his love for You and in obedience to Your Word and committed to Your call on his life. Amen.


My son……………………….. I give to you the blessing of my prayers.

I give to you the blessing of my praise.

I give to you the blessing of my passage.

I give to you the blessing of my purity.

I give to you the blessing of my name.

My son, Because YOU are born of God, YOU shall overcome the world and every battle in it, in Jesus name.

By the blood of Jesus, I blot out every evil family record that may be speaking against you.

Like Joseph, may you receive the anointing to terminate generational battles.

Like Jephtha, may you receive the grace to rewrite our family history positively.

Like David, may you be used to kill the Goliath that we your parents and our seniors could not kill.

Father, empower my son to defeat the forces that defeated our parents and grandparents.


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