Lord, let me hear Your call. Open my ears to hear Your voice. Sensitize my heart to Your Spirit’s conviction. I don’t want to be a child You must discipline. Make me compliant with Your will. You know me in and out, nothing in my life is hidden from You.
So many times my deeds are corrupt acts of idolatry which is nothing more than spiritual prostitution. The worst part is this sin keeps Your involvement in my life at arms length. Lord help me! I am actively pushing away Your warm embrace. My prideful acts of self-reliance fall back on me testifying of my need for You.
No wonder I haven’t been able to feel Your presence or see Your intervention when I’ve called on Your name. Forgive me for only calling on You when I was in a jam. Your manifest presence left a long time ago and I didn’t even know it.
I’m left with half finished projects that did not start with You and it looks like they’ll not end with You either. No wonder my religion is useless and I am taken captive in life. Lord, I respond to Your call and Your conviction. I return to You now, repenting of all my idols and acknowledging You as Lord.

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Rosemary Ben

🙏 🙏

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