Have you been asking who is your Dad and your Mom cannot or is not cooperating??
Your mother can ”REFUSE” to disclose the identity of your dad for the following reasons among others;

  1. You could be a product a local preacher.
  2. You could be a product of a local witch doctor, mganga wa kijiji
  3. You could be a product of incest, your father could actually be your own grandfather or some uncle or a cousin.
  4. You could be a product of rape and your mother has never healed and that is why whenever you bring that topic, she becomes so emotional.
  5. You could be a product of a man your mom LOVED DEARLY, but he duped your mother and she made a decision to forever ”FORGET HIM”.
  6. You could be a product from a drinking spree where your mother slept with so many men and she GENUINELY does not know ”WHO DID IT”. Are there such cases?? SO MANY OF THEM.
    If my mother is not willing to tell me who my father is, is there anything else I can do?? YES!
    But, is there a possibility that I will never know my dad?? YES YES PLEASE!!!
    What do we call that void of fatherless-ness?? A FATHERS WOUND!
    Can one heal form this?? YES!!
    How??………………………PART II Loading……….
    I am Fr CK, just in case!
    Reachable through 0721 421 139 or kinyuafr@gmail.com
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God bless you.

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