How many times do you look at different aspects of yourself- your appearance, your voice, your riches, your achievements et cetera , and compare them to those of others? Do you often feel like there is always someone prettier, more handsome, more confident, richer or more successful than you? Do you often feel some low-key resentment toward yourself for not being as ‘good as everyone else’?

The tendency to compare ourselves to other people is known as social comparison, and it is a rather natural way for us to evaluate how we’re doing in different aspects of our lives. When we compare ourselves to others, who we feel are “better off than we are”, it is called an upward social comparison, and it tends to make us feel dissatisfied. The saddest part about all this is that while you compare yourself to other people and think they are way better than you, someone else is looking at you and hoping they had your life. Someone actually looks at you and admires you so much. This only tells us one thing, that while self-evaluation is important, the approach to do it by comparing ourselves to others is wrong. If anything, true evaluation is becoming better versions of ourselves than we were yesterday.

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It is important to understand that each one of us is unique, and beautifully and wonderfully made by God. There is only one you, and just as someone said, trying to be someone else is an insult to the true, unique and authentic you. God created you special. While it is important to give room to self- growth and personal development, don’t get it twisted by disregarding your God-given beauty and strength and allowing comparison to others take your happiness away.

Comparing yourself to others is toxic for so many reasons, but the one that’s most damaging is what it does to your self-worth. You tend to feel “less than” when you compare, you feel like you are not good enough and that somehow you need to do better. This is a terrible place to be in. Break the habit of social comparison. Allow God to manifest His divine and unique purpose in your life by being the you He created you to be. And always remember, you are amazing just the way you are.

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