A man went to the gym, meaning to change his life seeing that he weighed over 300 pounds. The gym instructor took his measurements and told him to report to the gym the following day at 7.00am… Every morning at 7.00am.

So for the next 21 days, the man reported to the gym, and all the instructor did was take his measurements and send him back home. On the 22nd day, the man asked the instructor, “Are we going to start these workouts or what?” The Instructor nodded and told him, “We already did. My first lesson to everyone who goes through my training is mastering the art of Showing Up. And you have. You see, there’s no use doing cardio that burns 3000 calories on day one if you will disappear and never show up for yourself again.”

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The man was thoroughly impressed. And I also like that approach by the instructor so much. It reminds me that consistency gives people success more often than intensity.
So, whatever your dream or goal is for November and the rest of 2022, remember:
“Master the art of Showing Up First.”

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