The season of Advent has arrived. If there was ever a perfect time to reflect on hope, expectations, and our readiness to receive our Savior once more in our lives, this is the time. Are we ready to welcome Lord as he comes to us?
Advent is a four-week liturgical period when with hearts and minds renewed we anticipate the fulfillment of God’s promise to be with us always. Jesus is the Emmanuel spoken by the prophets and angels who will bring us joy and peace. He will call us out of darkness into his wonderful light.

After these years of Coronavirus, wars, natural disasters, and people who may just feel hopeless, Jesus comes with hope. We must be ready to walk in this hope which will light our way to peace. May the 4-candles of our advent wreath serve as a reminder of our journey with God.
The scriptures remind us that we must be prepared. God’s kingdom is established among us. Do we recognize it? Unlike the days of Noah, we have the stories of people who came after him to show us the way. The scriptures speak volumes about how people can become distracted and unprepared as we wait for the day of the Lord.

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This is the first Sunday of the new liturgical year. Advent is a time of hopeful expectation. During this season we reflect on Jesus’ birth and his second coming. This a time to allow our hearts and minds to become focused on encountering Jesus who is God’s gift to the entire world.
We know that the Lord is coming, we pray for patience as we wait. Watchful and ready we say, “Come Lord Jesus”.

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