If you grew up in an African home, you definitely remember how excited we were about Christmas as kids. We awaited this special day the whole year long and could barely catch sleep on Christmas Eve because we were so excited. Christmas meant that we got a chance to wear brand new-equivalent-to-Sunday-best clothes, eat special kinds of food that we did not get to enjoy the whole year and get to meet with our long distance extended family members and friends. It also meant that we would get to decorate our houses with brightly colored balloons and ribbons and have a homemade Christmas tree! It is such a joy reminiscing about that experience as adults!

Christmas is obviously different as years pass by. The present young generation, especially those who grew up in the urban areas may not exactly relate to that kind of experience, but that’s beside the point. The Christmas Season is a period that God gives us every year, to meditate upon His love and goodness that made Him grant us His only son. Christmas is not about buying new clothes, it is not about going for vacations and staycations and spending loads of money while at it. It is not about the amazingly delicious foods we prepare and the drinks we have. It is not about music and dance and fun. It is not even about the present we give and expect to receive. Christmas is simply a period of love and kindness!

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Christmas is a time to share the love of God. It is a period to unite as friends and family and unanimously thank God for His gift of His Only Son to us. And just as God was loving and generous to give us Jesus, it is our obligation to be loving and kind to others. It is a time to share love with those who feel unloved and underserving and put a smile on the face of those who are not privileged. It is a time to repent for not allowing ourselves to become vessels of God’s love and intentionally doing acts that will make Christmas memorable for someone who doesn’t have it easy. It is a moment to unite and share, to love and laugh, to spread kindness and to do good.

Gifts and feasts and clothes and trips are all nice, but let’s not forget, that Jesus is the reason for this season!

Happy, happy holidays!

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