‘Jesus is Emmanuel – God with us.’
Jesus made a solemn promise to His disciples and therefore to us; “Behold, I
am with you always, even to the end of time.” ‘Jesus comes to us in many
personal ways, through different events, encounters, or conversations.
Through an experience of beauty, kindness or even of suffering. We hear Him
through the voice of our conscience, or in the needs of those around us. In a
moment of prayer, in the reading of Holy Scripture or through an unexpected
inspiration from the Holy Spirit.’
Jesus is present in a particular way in our communal prayer and through the
Ministry of the Priest, but most especially He comes to us in the Sacrament of
the Holy Eucharist, the Mass.
When we come together to celebrate Mass ‘we are united with Jesus in the
sacrifice He offered on the cross for our salvation; we meet Him, if we are able,
in Holy Communion; we receive the power of the Holy Spirit; and we are
united with the whole Church across time and space. It is the holiest act of
worship possible on earth. We should be awestruck and amazed!’
Perhaps we forget the staggering truth and beauty of this reality. ‘Sometimes
we do feel inspired, sometimes we feel a bit dry, sometimes we feel peaceful,
sometimes we are completely distracted, by different worries and concerns or
in the care of young children.’ What matters though is that we are here and
are trying to be open to the Lord. Our dear Lord loves us, and delights in our
presence. He comes to us as we are. He comes to YOU! He comes to ME! Jesus
comes to each one of us!
Let us ask for the grace to ‘pray the Mass’ in a more personal way, so that it
will touch us and transform us. Our worship will then become life-giving and
will fill us with joy and strength.

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