Prayer for Police Officers

1 Peter 2:13-17
Thank you, Loving Father, for always being with us. We pray for police officers, asking that they know you are with them as they confront the obstacles and responsibilities of their profession.
We ask that you offer tranquility and clarity of mind when their task becomes burdensome. There is no more pure source of joy and peace than you, Lord. You alone are worthy of our adoration and devotion for all eternity.
We praise your mighty name above all other forces on the planet. Amen. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.
As an officer, make this your daily declaration:

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No weapon formed against me will prosper.
No instrument of war formed against me will hurt me or be of any use.
Every tongue that speaks evil against me is judged false.
This is my heritage from the Lord. He defends me and gives me victory.
The Lord has spoken! That settles it forever!
It doesn’t matter what the News Report says;
Evil will not touch me, nor come near my home.
God is my refuge … my place of safety … my very own home.
Evil cannot get close to me … harm cannot get through my door.
God has even ordered His angels to guard me and protect me wherever I go.
God, who is always watching, never sleeping, will never let me stumble, slip, or fall.
He cares for me. He is my defender and He protects me day and night.
God keeps me from ALL evil and preserves my life.
He watches over me forever!

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