Prayer for Body Gifts

1 Samuel 25:13
Joshua 1:9

Merciful God, you give a variety of gifts to your people in your church so that we
might honor you and serve one another by working together. We applaud you for
the skills and abilities you have bestowed upon your police officers. We beg that
you bless them as they use their abilities to serve others. May we all draw on the
breath of life that you provide us so that we can all work together for the
betterment of your body. We thank you for providing all we require for life and
godliness. Amen. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.
Prayer 2
Lord, please give our police officers and law enforcement workers grace as they
go on patrol today. Overshadow them with Your presence and peace as they go
about their day. That they would rely upon You to give them the strength they
need to fulfill their duties. In the name of Jesus, amen!

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Daily Declaration for an Officer

No weapon formed against me will prosper.
No instrument of war formed against me will hurt me or be of any use.
Every tongue that speaks evil against me is judged false.
This is my heritage from the Lord. He defends me and gives me victory.
The Lord has spoken! That settles it forever!
It doesn’t matter what the News Report says;
Evil will not touch me, nor come near my home.
God is my refuge … my place of safety … my very own home.
Evil cannot get close to me … harm cannot get through my door.
God has even ordered His angels to guard me and protect me wherever
I go.
God, who is always watching, never sleeping, will never let me stumble,
slip, or fall.
He cares for me. He is my defender and He protects me day and night.
God keeps me from ALL evil and preserves my life.
He watches over me forever!

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