Prayer for Mourners of Fallen Officers and Those Lost in the Line of Duty

Mark 12:17
Psalm 138:8

Father, to those who’ve been there, nothing compares to the heart-wrenching
screams of “Officer down!” Except perhaps the torment of a family opening the
door to see two fellow officers of their officer standing with grim faces and tears
welling in their eyes as the family falls to its knees crying, “No, God, please no!
Or maybe you hear them wailing, “Why God, how could you do this when they
were only trying to protect our community?” And even, “Lord where were you
when they were dying?”
Lord, how does anyone comfort this family? Like Jeremiah, they wail, “My grief
is beyond healing; my heart is broken” (Jeremiah 18:18 NLT). There are no
human answers to satisfy or soothe their agonizing wounds of grief, anger, and
Only you can Lord. Psalm 147:3 assures us that “He heals the brokenhearted
and binds up their wounds.” And Psalm 34:18 NLT confirms, “The Lord is close
to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.”
We beg of you to surround them with love. Bring others to their side who have
experienced their pain and understand the deep ache in their heart and will pray
with and for them. Keep away those who patronize and tell them everything will
be all right, because for this family, it will never be all right again.
Father, you know the fellow officers who mourn with the family, especially those who were with the fallen officer. Remove from them the repeated nightmares of asking themselves what they could have done differently or why wasn’t it them
in the coffin.
Lord you know, that the death of their fellow officer will always haunt them and
the memory will never fade. Father guide them to the help they need to recover
from what they’ve seen and don’t let it cause division among the unit or place
any in danger with fear and hesitancy.
Guide them in keeping their focus on work when they’re on duty and help guard
their minds from the “what-ifs” when they try to sleep at night. Help them rest
and renew their resolve to do their job to the best of their ability.
Father, we know you mourn with both these families. Give them whatever they
each need in their lives. Walk beside them Father. Draw them into your embrace
and fill them with a peace that passes all understanding. For those who don’t
know you, open their eyes to seek you, the only source of relief from their
anguish. Let them feel your presence grieving with them. Your tears. Your hugs.

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Daily Declaration for an Officer

No weapon formed against me will prosper.
No instrument of war formed against me will hurt me or be of any use.
Every tongue that speaks evil against me is judged false.
This is my heritage from the Lord. He defends me and gives me victory.
The Lord has spoken! That settles it forever!
It doesn’t matter what the News Report says;
Evil will not touch me, nor come near my home.
God is my refuge … my place of safety … my very own home.
Evil cannot get close to me … harm cannot get through my door.
God has even ordered His angels to guard me and protect me wherever
I go.
God, who is always watching, never sleeping, will never let me stumble,
slip, or fall.
He cares for me. He is my defender and He protects me day and night.
God keeps me from ALL evil and preserves my life.
He watches over me forever!

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Amen in Jesus mighty name



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