Quick-Fix mentality is so destructive so much so that if not nibbled on the bud, it gives birth to poverty mentality. This mentality has made so many men and women live a life that they were never meant to live.

So, what are some of the signs that you could be in this mentality or headed there?

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1. Running to every shop or store with the following tags; “On Sale”, or “50% Discount”, and “Buy 2 get ! Free”

2. Believing that Prayers or Religion solves all problems.

3. Believing in the Men or Women of God more than you believe in God Himself.

4. Perpetually believing on car-pooling even when you can comfortably chauffeur yourself to the venue in question.

5. As a parent, especially Dads, believing that educating a girl is a waste of time and resources.

6. As a woman, believing that you were born to be pampered, provided for, and that paying bills for yourself is an existential misdemeanor.

7. Believing in “Deals” more than working hard and smart.

8. Believing that you do not need education to make money in life.

9. Subscribing to Transactional Spirituality; that you must give God something for Him to act on your case (activating a God who is on sleeping mode).

10. Subscribing to Blackmail Theology: that if you do not tithe, even when you genuinely have nothing, that God is angry with you, or when you have taken long to tithe , when you were jobless, that you are owing God, or that if you do not tithe, you will not be buried by the church, as if tithe is a form of burial permit. 21st Century Madness!

Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.

I am Fr CK, just in case!

Reachable on 0721 421 139



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