The call to action means having faith and trust in God and getting rid of every dead weight and hindrances that are besetting us and preventing us from walking and embracing God’s gifts and callings for us.

1. Inwardly die to self – outwardly the mat would always tempt us as the easiest thing to do but inwardly, we must die to self. What God has called us to is far bigger and greater than what we can handle. We must trust God to work out His plan.

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2. Get rid of your excuses – if God called you to it, trust Him to bring you through it. He will equip you and give you the strength you need to get the job done.

3. Never get yourself bogged down with religion and tradition. Eventually they become strongholds that’s even harder to get rid of. Have faith in God.

4. Leave behind old perceptions and deceptions. The enemy would rather not see the plan of God fulfilled in your life.

5. Get rid of habits and attitudes that are self-serving and is out of alignment with the will and plan of God.

6. Disconnect from your old passe’ [tribe], your old culture, and even family members so that you push for what you believe [values and morals]

7. Get up and do something productive that will allow you to put your gifts and talents to good use.

It is my prayer that this message of faith and hope have inspired you to have a different outlook on life. Let us help our brothers and sisters to wake up, pick up, and walk!

A Call to action- Get up! Pick up your bed and walk!

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