O Blessed Holy Spirit,

As pure light fill me with Yourself,

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The crystal light that illumines from within and makes pure, May I be invisible light on my daily journey, So that only the glory of the Father is seen.

Grant, I beseech Thee, O Blessed Holy Spirit,

That You be the desire with which I desire Thee,

That Yours are the eyes through which I look upon the world,

That Yours are the ears with which I hear the Word proclaimed,

That Yours are the lips with which I speak peace to all whom I encounter,

That Yours are the hands with which I accomplish the daily tasks allotted to me,

That Yours is the mind with which I ponder the things of life and of God,

That You dwell forever in the heart of my heart,

Together with the Father and the Son,

From Whom You proceed, and by Whom You have been sent.


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