Ephesians 1:17-20.

That’s a power-packed passage for sure. If you were praying through this passage, you would just ask God to make each of these points reality in your life. You would ask Him:

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1. that He would fill you with His glory, since He is the Father of glory and His Holy Spirit dwells in you;

2. that He would give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him;

3. that the eyes of your understanding would be enlightened;

4. that He would fill you with His hope;

5. that you would know the HOPE of His calling deeply and intimately in your heart and spirit;

6. that you would know the riches of His glory in all God’s people;

7. that you would know, become familiar with, and experience the exceeding greatness of His power working in you, since you do believe in Him;

8. and then you would thank Him for Jesus, and stop and adore Jesus awhile (Who is seated at the right hand of God in heavenly places).

Make sense? If you pray through the Scripture passage above and mean it, I guarantee God will touch you. This is, after all, His best plan for your life–that you would be one with Him through Christ and filled with His Spirit, power, and glory.

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